Tuesday, May 25, 2010

1 7 0 7 M I X is the gallery space at Janice Wong Studio.
The mix includes work by a group of Vancouver Artists exploring
the mediums of drawing, printmaking, painting and sculpture.
We hope you will stop by to see the collection.

O P E N | Fridays + Saturdays 1 - 5 pm + by appointment.

Miyuke Shinkai

Miyuki Shinkai | Blue Glass House, cast glass, approx. 2.5" high x 2.75" wide x 2" deep
FOUR slightly different sizes available |
$30 each

Miyuki Shinkai attended Pilchuck Glass School and worked for
Dale Chihuly in Seattle. She has been making art and blowing glass for the past eleven years, exhibiting glass installations and mixed media paintings and collage work.

Born and raised in Japan, Miyuke currently lives and works in Gibsons, on BC's Sunshine Coast. In addition to her studies as an artist, Miyuke holds a Master's degree in Social Administration.

Katie Dey

Katie Dey | untitled, painting over etching, 1/1, 8 x 8.5" / 20 x 21 cm | $225

Katie Dey | Tabletop with Comb, T/P, photo itaglio, 6.875 x 8.75" / 17 x 22 cm | $90 unfr / $150 framed

Katie Dey grew up in Scotland, where she studied printmaking in Dundee with an emphasis on drawing and photography. After completing her BFA she moved to Vancouver where she became a member of the
Art Institute
, Capilano College. Katie trained as a Master Printer at
New Leaf Editions
, a collaborative print studio specializing in etching and relief printing, and has taken printmaking courses at Crown Point Press in San Francisco. Katie has printed for many renowned Canadian artists, taught various classes in printmaking, and continues to make prints of her own.

Tomoyo Ihaya

Tomoyo Ihaya | Peace Rice, etching | $150

Tomoyo Ihaya was born in Mie, Japan and moved to Canada in 1994. She studied Fine Art at Mount Allison University, Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, The Art Institute at Capilano College and completed her MFA in Printmaking at the University of Alberta in Edmonton.
Tomoyo currently lives and works in Vancouver.

Eunjin Kim

Eunjin Kim | Swimming Class, monotype, 5.5 x 5.75" / 13.75 x 14.5 cm | $150

Eunjin Kim | Insider/Outsider, monotype, 4 x 7.375" / 10 x 18.5 cm | $100

Eunjin Kim was born in Seoul, Korea. She received her BFA in Fine Art with a major in Printmaking at Hong Ik University, Seoul.
Eunjin currently works and lives in Vancouver BC.

James Koester

James Koester creates poetic sculptures and mixed-media work that utilize and stimulate the senses through a refined language of line, form, texture, light, colour and movement. James' work centres around dialogue: the dialogue, tension and balance of the materials he uses, and more importantly the dialogue that is created between the artist and his work and the work and the viewer. His use of materials (industrial grade metal, found objects, phosphorescent paint) creates a strong sense of materiality, yet at the same time the work is elegant, personal and almost fragile. James' sculptures are quiet, humorous and quirky and always meaningful. His skill as a craftsman, artist and technician allows the work to successfully straddle the fine line between craft and art.

James currently lives and works in Vancouver. His most recent projects include a sleep pod and a global mapping project.

Sue Leibik

Sue Leibik | Douglas Fir Cone, archival digital print, size, $

Sue Leibik | Hummingbird, archival digital print, size, $

Sue Leibik is a Vancouver artist, working primarily in drawing
and mixed media. She is a graduate of Emily Carr University in Interdisciplinary Studies.

Artists' Statement
I am influenced and inspired by the natural world, sciences, poetry, and the wild expanse of creative forms; evolutionary, artistic, and life affirming. I like to listen, and occasionally join in the continuing conversations of artists, birds, and poets, throughout time.
Drawing is a language; visual, gestural, and primal. For me it is a lifelong exploration, and daily practice; a dance of heart, mind, hand and eye.

Marijke Nap

Marijke Nap | e.g. no 1, etching, digital print, 3 x 4" / 7.5 x 10 cm | $70

Marijke Nap | Cortege, relief + photoetching, 4 x 5.25" / 10 x 13 cm |$100

Marijke Nap | Yellow Mountain, etching + pollen, 4 x 4" / 10 x 10 cm | $100

Marijke Nap studied visual arts at Capilano University, Vancouver BC and currently works at the University of British Columbia. Marijke's work encompasses all types of media, from traditional to digital, and she enjoys exploring a wide range of themes, from psychological topics to politics, to the absurd.

Shinsuke Minegishi

Shinsuke Minegishi | Mermaid, wood engraving, 1 x 1.25" / 2.5 x 3 cm | $80

Shinsuke Minegishi | Skyscape III, woodcut + wood engraving, 9 x 7" / 15 x 11 cm | $240

Shinsuke Minegishi is an award winning print and book media artist, arts educator and print studio rechnician. Born in Tokyo and educated both in Japan and North America, Shinsuke's art reflects his life's combination of these two different cultural contexts and the rich foundation their complementary and contrasting aspects provide.

Shinsuke studied Fine Art at the College of the Sequoias, Visalia, California, Alternative Printmaking with Seishi Ozaku at Tama Art Univeristy, Tokyo, and graduated with a Fine Art studio major from Emily Carr Institute in Vancouver. Shinsuke currently teaches Sessional Under Graduate Studies in Printmaking and works as a Studio Technician in Print Media at Emily Carr University of Art and Design.

Shinsuke's print and book works have received numerous international awards and have been exhibited in invitational and juried exhibitions. His work can be found in public collections throughout the world. Book collections include the British Library, UCLA, University of Denver, McGill, UBC, SFU, U of A and the Vancouver Public Library.

Lajla Nuhic

Lajla Nuhic | weaving 1, hemp + apple coral beads, 10 x 10" 25 x 25 cm | $450 framed

Lajla Nuhic | weaving 2, hemp + apple coral beads, 10 x 10" 25 x 25 cm | $450 framed

Lajla Nuhic | weaving 3, hemp + apple coral beads, 10 x 10" 25 x 25 cm | $450 framed

Lajla Nuhic is a Vancouver textile artist. Drawing on her classical and architectural training, Lajla's work reflects a play on light, air, water, earth and architectural structures. She creates each piece as an individual, miniature "textile-landscape" and many of her pieces are inspired by memories of landscapes in Bosnia and Croatia.

Lajla studied architecture in Sarajevo and trained as a weaver in Italy. This combination of architect and weaver imbues her work with a unique approach to form and structure. And offsetting this is a very idiosyncratic sense of play.

George Oud

George Oud was introduced to jewelry arts through courses at Vancouver Community College. He studied pottery with Ping Kwong Wong, with helpful tutorials from Marlene Bowman. George recently had an introduction to green wood turning through Lee Valley Tools.

George works in silver, wood and ceramic.
His pieces reflect a love of pure, minimal form.

George lives and works in Vancouver.

Mikolaj Smolinski

Mikolaj Smolinski | Three Finger Wands, copper etching, 1 x 1" / 2.5 x 2.5 cm, $85

Mikolaj Smolinski | Ceremony 3, copper etching, 1 x 1" / 2.5 x 25 cm | $55

Mikolaj Smolinski | Fur Coat for a Bear Cub, copper etching, 2 x 2" / 5 x 5 cm | $85

Mikolaj Smolinski | Fur Trees, copper etching, 9.75 x 10" / 24.5 x 25 cm | $285

Mikolaj Smolinski | Cloud over Spider Temple, copper etching, 6 x 6" / 15 x 15 cm | $185

Mikolaj Smolinski was born in Poland. He studied formally at the University of Alberta where he received his MFA in 2003. He currently resides in Vancouver.

excerpt from Mikolaj Smolinski's Artists' Statement
"This work is an exploration of ritualistic practice in art making. It is an action to re-enchant the visual environment. Through this process of re-enchantment, there unfolds a mysterious visual narrative. I am interested in the semiotic nature of imagery, its codes and how those codes are used to transmit meaning. I am interested in how images are perceived and ultimately transformed through their dialogues with an audience. These dialogues are a focus in my practice."

Catherine Stewart

Catherine Stewart | Natural Affinities II, 17/30 photo etching, 3 x 3" / 7.5 x 7.5 cm | $150

Catherine Stewart | Natural Affinities III, 15/30 photo etching, 3 x 3" / 7.5 x 7.5 cm | $150

Catherine Mary Stewart was born in Windsor, Ontario and currently lives in Vancouver, BC. Catherine earned a BSc from the University of Toronto and an MFA from the University of British Columbia. Her early exposure to mathematics, physics and biological sciences continues to be an influence in her artistic practice.
Catherine is an active member of Malaspina Printmakers, working and teaching at their print studio on Granville Island. Her prints and photographs have been shown nationally and internationally in both group and solo exhibitions.
Her latest exhibition was at Murray Edwards college, University of Cambridge, Cambridge UK, in conjunction with the Darwin Festival, 2009.

Artists' Statement for the Natural Affinities series:
"In this series of photo-etchings, the artist presents for consideration a visual exploration of the multi-layered affinities between the human and non-human inhabitants of this planet. Through the pairing of images of the human body with those of a variety of zoological specimens, her intention is to evoke a sense of emphatic connection between Homo Sapiens and other species, thus reminding us of our mutual vulnerabilities in a rapidly changing environment."

“Let it be borne in mind how infinitely complex and close-fitting are the mutual relations of all organic beings to each other and to their physical conditions of life.”
Charles Darwin, On the Origin of Species, 1859